“We have stopped in Rockwall @ an IHOP. A fairly young woman came to our table and asked “were you just on Good Morning Texas?” She said she is losing her hair on top (she is wearing a cap) and the segment has given her hope that she can restore her hair. She taped the show and  said she was definitely going to call you. I showed her and told her how wonderful you are. And that I wanted to say more. My hope was that I would inspire just one person, so I’m very thrilled!”

– Judy Tarpley

I was a member of; The Hair Club for Men for a little over a year, and was never really satisfied with the service.  The piece was not as natural as I had hoped, it was a little uncomfortable, and the glue they used would become hard and brittle on my scalp.  I was still self conscious, and worried that if a girl ever ran her fingers through my hair, she would immediately know that I was wearing a hair piece.

Then a friend referred me to Randy Clark.  I scheduled an appointment to meet with Mr. Clark, and at the conclusion of that meeting, I knew I was in the right place.  Randy Clark is one of those people that once you get to know him, you realize that he is all about the important stuff; great customer service, hi quality products, integrity, and trust.  My hair always looks and feels great, and natural.

I would highly recommend Randy Clark & Associates – Where everything is “Top Notch”!

Thanks Randy,

– J. Moore

“You have been such a help to me thus far in my personal life. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my whole attitude, outlook, everything since I first came to see you 2 years ago! My best friend says it is like having the old me back again! Thank you again for everything. Your commitment to your clients really does go above and beyond and I appreciate it more than words can express.”

– Sam Nielson

“When I came in for my first appointment, I was nervous and apprehensive.  I had been wearing a traditional day wear hair piece for 27 years and had gone to the same stylist for 25 years.  I knew I needed a new updated look but was unaware of what my options were and if you could help me.

You made me feel comfortable from the moment I met you.  You explained to me step by step what you could offer me and how the system works. When you finished fitting the hair piece, I had hair for the first time since high school that could blow in the front and look like it was growing out of my head!  No kidding??.. no line in the front AT ALL.

Over the last year in coming to you, I have found that you are more critical of how my hair looks than I am and I am very hard to please when it comes to my hair. I have never walked out looking and feeling less than the best I can look.  Your staff is the ?special forces? of hair care.  They are always professional and their training shows in the compassion and care they show to people who have hair issues, even us old bald dudes.

Thanks so much for changing my life, giving me more confidence in how I look and taking ten years off my appearance.

– Ron R.