Female Hair Restoration



Every woman wants to look and feel her very best; but female pattern hair loss or thinning hair can leave a woman feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Statics reveal that one in four women suffer this life altering problem. Whether hair loss is a result of alopecia, chemotherapy or a hereditary trait, Randy Clark and Associates offers hair restoration options, which will make you feel like yourself again!


Randy Clark and Associates has 42 years of experience, offering exclusive, custom hair restoration systems. We create customized state-of-the-art systems, made from the finest human hair, which will significantly increase hair density without the pain or scars of surgery. Each system is fashioned to blend with your specific hair type, texture and color.


Your system can be high-lighted, colored, and curled. Our systems feel like natural hair, because they are made of human hair. No synthetic hair of any kind, only the finest human hair.. You can wear any hairstyle, including those that are combed back in such a way as to totally expose the front hairline. Your system will be cut to blend with your current style by our professional stylists.


Randy Clark and Associates offer you perfect, natural looking results. You can even swim in your system with no concerns! Best of all, you will have the same coverage of your scalp as you had before your hair started thinning.


Randy Clark and Associates offers:

  1. Free, no obligation hair loss and scalp evaluation.
  2. Discreet, private, dignified and confidential service.
  3. A team of quality trained and experienced hair replacement
  4. Professional, one-on-one personalized service.
  5. Totally private styling rooms.
  6. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  7. Financing available
  8. And the security of dealing with a firm that’s been in business
    since 1969.

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